The Vagabond

Whatever you do……………


After 22 years in the radio business I fled the states in search of the exotic true South, and that was the best decision ever. Since 2010 I’ve lived in Buenos Aires, Medellin, and Montevideo, three of the best cities anywhere, and explored 7 countries with hiking boots on the ground.  I’ve learned how to stretch a buck with the best, picking up pointers and paying a LOT of attention on the way. Traveling comfortably, covering lots of ground and doing it frugally has always been a game to me, and I never get tired of playing.  When I was a younger fool, I wasted heaps of money traveling but learned lots of hard lessons about frugality, or, actually, the lack of it. Anybody can throw money around and spend their way to relative contentment, but that seems to me an unsatisfying method to discover the real essence of the place.

My aim is to continually try to do more with less, and save the rest for when it’s really needed, or best spent. I pass on what I learn and find, and hope to help other travelers on the road to find out. Always, the more you go the more you know, and the more you know, the less you need………

I wrote a book of short stories, all rampant and ridiculous, as strange as true and available in e book or paperback form from Amazon. 15 stories, 39 pages, 27,000 words, and worth every cent and minute spent.

The Peyote Diaries:


Helmut head in the hills